Friday, July 24, 2009

Senior Nudists

Senior nudists are like other seniors, but without clothes. At least some of the time. The rest of the time we wear clothes, just like everyone else. Which means you may know a few without realizing it. Think about that for a minute or two.

Nudist such as myself strive to our nudist lifestyle as much as it practically possible. Everyday things, like having a job in the clothed world, and other certain obligations tend to interfere. But even so like so many other things in life we work around the restrictions. At home I am nude 24/7, even in the chilly winter months. Fortunately I am a nature lover and enjoy being out doors in many beautiful secluded spots where I can enjoy being nude. Naturally the colder winter months can get in the way of that but there are even times on a beautiful sunny winter’s day I find it invigorating to strip down with the snow and ice all around me. Brrrr.. Shrinkage? Sure but who cares! LOL.

If you mention nudists to most people, a vision of senior nudists is not what comes to mind. However, seniors have become the largest segment of the nudist population. As the people practicing nudity have aged, the younger replacements have been few. For whatever reason, they do not seem to be as interested in pursuing this activity.

If you are interested, there are several organizations to help get you started, whatever your age. All of the ones I list below have their own websites.

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) publishes The North American Guide to Nude Recreation, which has some 240 pages. It lists places and includes tips for first-time visitors. It will help you take your first nakation.

The Naturist Society (TNS) has members in the United States and Canada. It produces the quarterly Nude & Natural magazine and has a naturist network.

Trade Association for Nude Recreation (TANR) (get it?) is a network of clubs, resorts, parks, campgrounds, cruises, travel agencies, publishers and other affiliated enterprises who agree that nude is natural. There is a free online newsletter subscription.

ClothesFree International features ClothesFree TV with nudes in the news. No, you won’t get it from your local cable provider. You can view the shows at their website or on your phone. Pick your favorite nudecaster.

Senior nudists and others can subscribe to Naturally magazine and Going Natural magazine.


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